Living in Bremerton--Illahee--Richard

What is your first name? Richard

How long have you lived in Bremerton? 19 years

What neighborhood do you live in? Illahee

Do you have pets? Yes, two dogs: mini schnauzer and schnoodle pup.

Do you own or rent your place? Own a house in a beautiful neighborhood. It's a single level ranch, two bath.

How many people live in your household? Three. I'm retired, my wife is retiring at the end of April. She and her son work at the shipyard. I retired from the shipyard in 2012.

Where do you buy your groceries? Mostly Safeway and Costco

Do you purchase from online retailers with home delivery--like Amazon, Walmart, etc.? What do you think about it? Yes, we buy a lot of sundry items and other non food items. Right now with the pandemic we are having all our groceries delivered. We like it a lot and may continue with deliveries even later.

Do you have a car? Yes, we use it every day. We park in our garage and on the edge of the driveway.

Do you have a job? I retired from the shipyard in 2012.

Favorite 'go-to' restaurant? Putters at Rolling Hills Golf Course.

Favorite special occasion restaurant? The Boat Shed

What did you do your last three-day weekend? Ocean Shores for relaxation.

What do you do for fun/recreation? Play in the SCA the Society for Creative Anachronism. We're the group that puts on the big Medieval Faire every June. 

What do you think of the Covid-19 epidemic in Bremerton? Terrified, I'm almost 78 years old with bad lungs. If I get it I'm probably dead.

What is the best thing about Bremerton? Most of the time it's fairly quiet. It's not a huge town so it's easy to get around. Easy to get to the big city, Seattle.

What is the biggest challenge for Bremerton? Seattle is moving over here a few at a time driving up housing costs.

What do most people think of Bremerton? Most people that I know like it here.

Anything else you want to say about Bremerton? I avoided Bremerton for quite awhile, but now that I live here I quite like it.

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