Living in Bremerton--Manette--Arnie and Paula

What is your first name? Arnie

How long have you lived in Bremerton? 2002

What neighborhood do you live in? Manette

Do you have pets? One small dog. (4 chickens too, but they are for eggs!)

Do you own or rent your place? Own, a house

How many people live in your household? 2

Where do you buy your groceries? Fred's, Trader Joe's, Costco

Do you have a car? Yes, I use it most days. I park in the garage

Do you have a job? No

Favorite 'go-to' restaurant? Los Cabos

Favorite special occasion restaurant? Anthony's

What did you do your last three-day weekend? We are retired, all days are 3-day weekends! Went to Seattle to visit friends.

What do you do for fun/recreation? Travel with our RV, Quilt, Cocktail parties with neighbors, Bicycle.

What is the best thing about Bremerton? The friendly neighborhood, people.

What is the biggest challenge for Bremerton? Housing / homeless

What do most people think of Bremerton? That is changing. used to be blue collar shipyard workers. Now more and more young families are moving here. So family friendly.

Anything else you want to say about Bremerton? I love living here. I love my neighborhood, and I love the proximity to both the Olympics and Seattle.

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