Living in Bremerton--Phinney Peninsula--Brent

What is your first name? Brent

How long have you lived in Bremerton? 10+ years

What neighborhood do you live in? West Bremerton

Do you have pets? No

Do you own or rent your place? Own, House

How many people live in your household? One

Where do you buy your groceries? Callow Safeway, Winco, Costco

Do you purchase from online retailers with home delivery--like Amazon, Walmart, etc.? What do you think about it? I love the convenience of purchasing things from Amazon. It's hard to beat the 2 day shipping.

Do you have a car? Yes, I use it 1-2 times a week. I carpool to work / commute by bicyle. I park in my driveway at home.

Do you have a job? Yes, I'm an engineer. I've been doing it for 10+ years. I work at PSNS & IMF. I carpool or bicycle when the weather is good. It takes 10-15 minutes.

Favorite 'go-to' restaurant? Juanito's Taqueria

Favorite special occasion restaurant? Puerto Vallarta

What did you do your last three-day weekend? Comedy show & bachelor party

What do you do for fun/recreation? Road biking, fishing, reading, stained glass projects.

What is the best thing about Bremerton? It's a small quiet town that is only an hour ferry ride away from Seattle.

What is the biggest challenge for Bremerton? Improving the downtown area (run down properties, homelessness, lack of parking)

What do most people think of Bremerton? Navy town

Anything else you want to say about Bremerton? I moved here from the greater Seattle area, and I've enjoyed Bremerton so much more, I'd never consider moving back.

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